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What is it that super successful people do differently?

There are 3 things that super successful people have done differently says Dr Hamira Riaz, Richard Branson's psychologist specializing in success!Read Article
  • "Successful people have discovered their unique selling point, they've identified their strengths early on."
  • "They have found ways of using their strengths in ways that make them naturally shine."
  • "So once you know what you are good at, it's about also understanding your blind spots, and then mitigating the risk of those blind spots getting in the way of your success."

Career Path Roadmap

Would you go on a road trip without a destination in mind or an idea of what route to take? The same applies to career planning!  Success comes from knowing yourself, determining careers based on strengths and interests, developing your skills, abilities and experiences and then finally to be able to communicate them in a way in which employers or clients find compelling.  This approach opens doors to many fields instead of just one.
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Grade 10-12 Program 

We are currently very excited about rolling out a program to the schools, for students from age 16 and up.
  • 16 page international assessment (Fascination Advantage System)
  • Career mapping / Subject choice
  • Anthem builder, learn to communicate your unique value
  • Personal brand strategy
  • 5 step interviewer strategy

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